The EFH aims to connect individuals and organisations interested or active in the ethical finance market to help raise awareness, highlight choice and facilitate practical activities that help to grow the sector. Our core offering is outlined below:

We provide a physical and virtual platform

We connect organisations and individuals interested, or operating, in the ethical finance sector.

We facilitate collaboration and research

We encourage research and organise events to allow ideas to be exchanged, knowledge to be shared and participants to network.

We encourage innovation and growth

We support the delivery of tangible outputs (i.e. new products, services and standards) which progress and grow the ethical finance market.

We broker knowledge and research projects

We are uniquely positioned to facilitate commission and support the production of academic / commercial research as well as student projects, placements and careers.

We develop and deliver education and training content

We can draw on the knowledge and experience of our team, as well as our wider network, to develop and deliver content for a range of academic and professional courses.

We offer a range of consultancy services

We can undertake or manage a range of consultancy assignments and will consider requests on a project-by-project experience. Examples include: research, event management, marketing, project management, product development support etc.

Ethical Finance Hub Overview

Download our overview to find out more about the UK’s first hub dedicated to ethical finance.