Whilst information and data on ethical finance products, services and organisations is available online it can be difficult and time consuming to find. The EFH has tried to address this problem by making information and data more accessible for consumers and businesses with an interest ethical finance.

A core function of the EFH is to raise awareness of ethical finance to ensure the public and business communities are in a position to make informed decisions when it comes to their finances.

Although there are lots of excellent online resources available it can be quite a challenge to find them. Rather than compete with what is already out there our approach is to aggregate these resources and signpost our visitors to other, third party, websites which provide detailed information and data on ethical finance.

Having reviewed the marketplace we are able to provide an index with links to a number of useful resources for consumers and businesses.



The links on our website and are not definitive or exhaust. They reflect the findings or our initial desk-based research. The EFH has received no compensation, in any shape or form, from any of the organisations listed.  

The Ethical Finance Hub is not qualified to offer financial advice. Our website provides links to external websites where further research and analysis can be carried out.

Please get in touch with if you would like to add other websites to the list.